Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ardell Villains Lashes!!

 Hello ladies,

Halloween is upon us gaspgirls! Yes, and for those of you who are into getting dressed up and well....... pretending to be someone your not :) I thought maybe I should post something fun yet useful. Ardell released these limited edition "Villains"  eyelash sets, featuring Disney's most notorious lady villains and they are amazing!! Now honestly I have a love/hate relationship with lashes in general. I looooove the way they look on the eyes! But I haaaaaate trying to get them suckers on!! However the price coupled with the sheer whimsy of these lashes were just too irresistible to pass up. You can find them at Walgreens for about $7.49 per set. If your a  frequent Walgreens customer you know that they have sales all the time so I ended up paying about $5.50 per set.  Yeeeess, I got all 4 of the sets (don't judge me :) I took pictures of everything to make sure you can make an informed purchase or not. (excuse the flash...working on it!)  So lets have a look see;

First Up Maleficent the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty

Next we have the infamous Evil Queen from Snow White

Third is the ever extravagant Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

Last but not least Ursula our under water villain from The Little Mermaid

The packaging on these sets were sooo cute!! The lashes varied from set to set, having sparkle or pointy ends. I would say that all of the sets offered at least two pair of everyday "wearable" lashes, maybe with the exception of the Evil Queen set. It all depends on what your lifestyle is, maybe you consider rhinestones on your lashes as everyday wear. They each came with a tube of glue and located on the back were directions for application.  The other fun part included with the lashes was a description of each villains personal beauty style and color suggestions (both Daytime and Nighttime looks) for the user.

Overall I think these lashes are worth the money whether you are a collector of sorts or an avid lash wearer!  So ladies that's all for now. Be safe and have fun during this season!

Always at your service
The GaspGirl

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  1. the packaging on these are soo cute & fun! I don't wear lashes, but these are tempting!