Friday, November 8, 2013

Alexandra Butler Makeup Class and "Friend in my Head!"

Hi ladies,

I can’t believe its November already!! I mean really, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a new year is right around the corner.  Time is flying and I still haven’t posted my birthday haul from October.  But that’s ok because today I’m sharing about a very special gift I received this year for my birthday. 

Alexandra Butler a celebrity makeup artist has been touring the U.S. for the last year or so.  Alex has held classes in Dallas, NYC, and Chicago, and is headed to the Bahamas at the end of this month.  So, when I found out she was coming to Indy all of the early registration tickets were sold out! So I went to my hubby and said "hubby I really want to go to this class for my birthday."….and he said “well how much is it?’ and I said "(gulp) $309.00". After that I don’t really remember how the conversation went I think there was a slow nod or something and I just walked away feeling a little silly because (insert bad grammar for emphasis:) I know “we ain’t got no money!” 

Deep down I really believed that I was going to go. Yes, that God would work it all out somehow (won't he do it!) . I honestly can’t tell you the last time I’ve wanted something this bad.  The weekend of my birthday some friends came over to hang out and eat appetizers, brownies and such. Near the end of the night my hubby placed a laptop in front of me to show me a website where my friends and family were giving to my birthday wish! I was shocked and elated!! So here are a few pictures from the actual class! Yay!!

Here Alex is wiping the models face to make sure there are no oils or makeup on the skin

When I arrived the room of course was set up and under each chair there was a basket with a syllabus inside.  As the class progressed Alex had helpers pass out goodies to go in the goodie basket. Some of the things I received:  Tools/brushes, eyeshadow pigment, two lipsticks, and a Elf Eyeshadow palette and more.

There were several prize drawings near the end of class I won the funky earrings you see upfront.

In class I received a syllabus that covered quality brushes and brush care, foundation, eyebrows, highlight/contour to name a few. Here Alex teaches us how to apply eyelashes.

Alex, Me, and the lovely  Kori (model)

November 3, 2013 is a day I will never forget because it really was a dream come true! I’d like to thank my hubby Rasool, Crystal W, Angela M,  KB, Mike N, Bethini W, Karen M, Streeter, Christy M, Nicole, B, Kimberly S, Rachel R, and Boni S. It was a wonderful birthday surprise and part of me still can’t believe it happened! Thank your for this most gracious gift! I love you all!! To all my gaspgirls thanks for reading.

Always at your Service
The GaspGirl 


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