Monday, May 27, 2013

MAIL MONDAYS!!!! Mary Kay Lip Laccquers

Mary Kay Lip Lacquers

So I've decided that Mondays will be the day that I post hauls of purchases I've made online or via drugstore driveby, lol! Well either way this segment will be called Mail Mondays!! This Monday I have the awesome opportunity to showcase some fab new products from my wonderful Mary Kay consultant and fellow gasp girl Lindsay.

LtoR: Chai Latte and Pink Pagoda

So here's the 411. Mary Kay describes the lip lacquer as Intense, high-gloss formula glides on for a jelly finish that feels extremely moisturizing and smooth.
Each pot comes with its own retractable lip brush and holds .14 oz 
So I put these claims to the test and rated each one on a scale from 1 to 5.

 2.5 I'm not really sure what "intense" was referring to but I didn't find the color or shine to be intense. Rich or creamy buildable coverage may be more accurate of a description. (just my view)
 3.5 It is not the glossiest lip product I own  (I have a pretty high standard for gloss though :) but it does give lips a glossy finish
Jelly finish     
5  Yes I definitely agree with this description. I love the jelly like feel, especially because its not at all sticky but really light.
Extremely Moisturizing and Smooth 
5 No disagreement here. It is like medicine for dry puckers everywhere!

The Brush
Each  pot came with its own little black retractable brush.  I found the brush cute and functional.  However for more intense color application I preferred using my finger. I don't know why  it just seemed to be more pigmented when applied that way.

Chai Latte to me is a creamy apricot beige
Pink Pagoda A Fuschia pink with purple flecks


Overall I'm satisfied with the product I give it a 4 out 5 for meeting most of their own criteria/description. If you are looking for a lip gloss that is highly pigmented this is not the product for you. Do keep in mind though that this product can be layered over lip liners and added to lipstick to add gloss and moisture.  I'd like to thank my wonderful Mary Kay Consultant Lindsay for getting me my products so fast. Ladies if you are looking for a great  MK consultant shes the gasp girl for the job contact her at; 317-430-4786.  Hope this was helpful gg's!

Always At Your Service

The GaspGirl

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