Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring Has Sprung Nails!!

Hello my Sweets!! We are finishing up the Spring series with nails of course.  You can't leave out nails, not with all the colors, brands, and textures now available on the market. Today I am featuring e.l.f. cosmetics nail polish. I was in my local CVS a couple of weeks ago and came across the display and thought "this is odd, I only remember seeing e.l.f. products in Target." But you know that didn't stop me from buying three colors. So here's a little review for you.

So unfortunately there are no names printed on the bottle anywhere, but...for $1.99 who can really complain right? Each color applied a little differently.  The yellow was a beautiful bright lemon color but I was disappointed with the application.  All in all it took four coats to get to this opaqueness. The periwinkle color had a nice sheen and took two coats of polish. The mint green was the most opaque and only required one coat but I used two coats as I normally do with most nail polishes. Overall these nail polishes are worth the money if your want to add a little color to your Spring and Summer wardrobe without investing  a lot of money. Hope this was helpful.  Have a great day!

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