Monday, May 20, 2013

RiRi Woo Changed My Life!

Okay that's really dramatic!  No RiRi Woo has not changed my life, I mean I haven't gotten any taller, thinner or richer but .... I have finally after  much disappointment found the perfect red lipstick!! Ladies this truly (gasp!) worthy.  I can't tell you how many "true" reds Ive picked up and they've had that muddy orangey color mixed in, ugh yuck. Take a look for yourself:

The color is beautiful and rich with pinky blue undertones not orange.  A lot of my favorite beauty gurus were really disappointed that the color was to close to MACs Ruby Woo ) which is in their permanent line(sorry ladies).  I can't share in that disappointment, however,  because I do not own Ruby Woo. So gasp girls if you you've been dying to try red lipstick or you have one that you hate, pick up the RiRi Woo when it returns in June. If you need more encouragement here is the gorgeous red on one of my deeper tone gasp girls!

Oooooo...,Lovely Right?!!

If you already have Ruby Woo and your on the cusp about whether you should buy RiRi Woo check out a couple of reviews on YouTube.  One of my favorites is by AllThingsFabulous101 on YouTube, she really puts a fun twist on comparing the two lipsticks. That's it for today ladies and remember I'm......

Always At Your Service

The Gasp Girl


  1. Can't wait to try this red! It is RiRi-diculously HOT!

  2. YES!!!!! I love it! You definitely sold ME on it!